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Medicare can be confusing. Let me simplify it for you.


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Meet Leo


I am a Licensed and Certified Health and Life Insurance agent who specializes in Medicare and have been helping the community for over 8 years. I strive to provide excellent customer service by taking my time, listening to your questions or concerns and finding the health plan with the richest benefits that will fit your individual medical needs. I also work with Cov. CA

I am here to serve You

As you may know, Medicare can be very overwhelming and confusing. Especially when you first become eligible. When you near the age of 65, you begin receiving phone calls and a lot of mail from health plans and other sources that many times is difficult to understand.

That's where I come in. I simplify and make all this information easier to understand to help you navigate your options and choose the coverage which best suits your medical needs while helping you save your hard earned money. 

Having a clear perception of what your options are and making the right decision, at the right time is vital. 

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun
Old Friends

To inspire confidence and trust in my clients and the community in general by practicing professionalism and good work ethic with a real human touch.​


    Focusing on your best interest

    Promptly responding

    Listening Attentively

    Providing excellent customer service

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